Project Criteria

  1. What factors influence the climate, vegetation and as a result, the animals that live in your biome?
    Tropical Rainforest, Bacon Original

  2. Task: Working on your own, you will become an expert on your biome region so that ultimately you can explain why it is so important to save the ecosystem and the animals that live there.

Research: Your research will include the major areas listed below . You will have time in class to work on the project. There will be weekly progress checks. Use your time wisely. Any work not completed in the library must be completed at home. You can use the internet, books, encyclopedias, magazines etc.
Due Date:


Physical Geography / Features
ð relevant abiotic information about landscape features, soil conditions, climate
ð specific location of the biome and the ecosystem where your animal is located must be both shown (map) and described
ð how is the location of your biome region affecting its climate?
ð include 1 climatograph for a city / town within your biome region.

ð show 1 food chain of organisms (inlcuding your endangered species) that are typical to your specific region (must include at least 3 organisms in each chain; identify each trophic level within the chain)
ð using the organisms from your food chain, make a pyramid of energy, numbers or biomass
ð draw a food web that includes the organisms in your food chain and then all of the other animals from your biome region that would interact with those organisms.
ð describe at least one example of how humans are influencing the food web of your biome region
ð give one example of a foreign species that has entered your biome region – how has it impacted the native species in the biome region (include a picture)

Adaptations of Organisms
ð using the organisms from your specific region, describe a specific example of 1 type of symbiosis (mutualism, commensalism, parasitism) – include a picture
ð provide 2 examples of common adaptations animals and plants have made – due to the climate of your biome region. Include a picture of each animal/plant and an explanation of the adaptation.
ð explain why the adaptations have occurred – in other words why are these changes beneficial?

Portfolio format
Each item will be due during the unit. As you submit them – they will be assessed using formative assessment. You can take the feedback and improve your project for the final due date when all items must be included. You will present your research to the panel (your classmates) for peer assessment.